The EDUstory team is a a group of individuals with a passion for creating engaging and well thought out content.
Our end-to-end approach has yielded many diverse skill sets rendering our projects complete quickly and on budget.


Communication is a vital tool in all aspects of life, however in education it could be the difference between a student succeeding or otherwise. At EDUstory we offer a range of animation services, each targeted to specific results.

Video Production

Video is the most valuable way to tell your story. At EDU story we combine traditional narrative and documentary type storytelling with technology to supercharge the viewing experience and multiply the engagement!

Software Development

Software and digital products can transform an educational environment into a high preforming, over achieving machine .. OR it can serve as nothing more than a source of headache and frustration. Most educational software attempts to solve every problem for everyone... We take pride in creating bespoke web products that fit your needs.

Web Development

The internet has granted access to information to everyone, however traditional educational environments do not utilize this commodity. Our web development projects strive to provide the right access of information to the right people.


Relationships between student, teacher, parent and vendor are broken.

Process Refinement

Traditional educational structures are broken inevitably at the students expense. Our end-to-end process refinement services ensures that time and resources are utilized to the best that they can.