Classroom Dynamics

Having knowledge is no longer enough to succeed in this complex world. The world is rapidly changing and so are the teaching learning dynamics. Teaching not only covers academics but also non academic aspects of education.

March 21, 2017

It’s important to give effective teaching for the holistic development of the child. There are various methods that can be integrated into daily learning and teaching activities that can create a stimulating and enriching environment for the pupils and the teachers too.

 A classroom consists of children from different regions, having diversities of skills and experiences. They may have different needs and expectations too. It is important for a teacher to understand and reflect on the dynamics of the class. The teacher needs to maintain the record of the class. A class that is new to her needs more attention as she has to understand each and every child’s behavior inside the class and at home. She needs to know if there are any special needs to be taken into account like there could be some children who are fast learners at the same time there would be slow learners too. The work and attention to be given to both categories of children would be different. A slow learners needs could be in the fields of speaking, listening, reading, writing so the teacher need to put extra effort on specific need of the child. Each child should feel comfortable while learning and communicating with other children of the class and also with the teacher. There should be healthy environment in the class. Every child must participate in the class activities and no child should be left alone or unattended.

 Classroom dynamics is all about creating a positive classroom atmosphere where students feel comfortable to be with their classmates and the teacher. It is about involving each child in the learning through interactive teaching and learning method. There are some situation where some participants do not want to participate in groups and pairs; even they do not want to speak in front of friends and colleagues. In this situation it’s the classroom dynamics that play important role.

 Even the class size, single sex students, mixed ability of children adds to the factors affecting the class dynamics. There could be these factors that will play large part in shaping the dynamics within the classroom - Is classroom surroundings conducive to active learning, for example, how much space is in the classroom, is there display space, what are the seating arrangements, where is teacher’s desk positioned, are the children sitting in groups etc?

A small class adjusting many children may affect the teaching system. Students and teachers both are not comfortable in congested environment.

 A good classroom dynamics suggest that the class should be well lit and must have proper arrangement of windows for ventilation. A small class with many children can make them feel suffocated and uninterested to study. The whole idea of creating an interesting class would go in vague with such study conditions.

A class with only boys or only girls also affects the understanding and learning behavior of the students. Sometimes gender differences play role in the male and female participation in group dynamics. At times female students lack in participation due to personal factors like shyness and other cultural behavior.

The classroom dynamics is holistic in nature in the field of teaching and learning,

It is a powerful technique as determinant for students’ outcomes that it should not be ignored

to improve effectiveness of schools. It helps in recognizing the personal characters of individuals. It also helps in creating a conductive environment in the class.

We can conclude that creating a match between students is possible due to the classroom dynamic techniques. It not only helps in maintaining interest of the student but also helps to draw the attention of students towards learning.