Transportation Services - Explainer

MyBigYellow bus does a great job of informing parents and students alike on whether or not there is bus delays, cancelations or school closures. However, they had an issue with communication with parents regarding processes. This video fixes that.

My Big Yellow Bus
Maureen Cosyn Heath
General Manager Southwestern Ontario Student Transportation Services
Working with the EDUstory team is fast and effortless. They took what was in our heads and transformed it into a 2:30 animated video that told a very valuable story to our parents. Now when we get any general questions, we can simply link them this video and all is well!

The main paint points that My Big Yellow bus was experiencing all revolved around communication with parents / guardians. Although they have a well-built website and organized documentation, the average parent usually does not have the energy to look through them thoroughly. This gap in communication can lead to unhappy parents, confused students and all around spotty compliance. 

The team at EDU story transformed their pages of documentation and list of important points into a high level overview of their process. The air tight script is accompanied by bespoke character illustrations and animation to tell their story efficiently and accurately. 

Overall the feedback from parents has been great. We were able to save them time and increase compliance on the process that needs to happen before any learning can be done, transportation. 

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