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Financial Life Advisors
Kirk W. Francis, CFP, AIF
Financial services isn't an easy topic to keep people engaged with. The EDU story team transformed our mostly dry business into a tight 2:30 video that told our story very well and stayed within our brand guidelines.

Financial Life Advisors are a group of well equipped, hard working Financial Planners offering financial services to the average person. Based out of San Antonio Texas they deal with thousands of happy clients. However, they had a hard time telling their story to prospective clients. 

The EDUstoryteam worked alongside their branding department to develop a look and feel that was consistent with their brand, however, stood out as an approachable piece of content for marketing and promotional purposes.

This animation is filled with unconventional techniques and transitions that are both illustrative and beautiful. Coupled with a talented voice over artist and a bespoke soundtrack this is both engaging and informative, something that is not always easy when dealing with financial services. 

If you would like to learn more about Financial Life Advisors check them out here.

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