Product Overview

Connect Oasis often has trouble outlining their value proposition due to the complexity of their product suite. Through this video, the EDUstory team was able to consolidate this information in one consumable package.

Connect Oasis
Adrian Pynenburg
Connect Oasis Inc.
"Working alongside Zachary to develop our product explainer video was quick, simple and easy. Communication was frequent however it was not hand on or taxing of our internal staff."

Connect Oasis is a leader in cloud-based software and mobile applications, focused on Merchandising Management Technology and support services. The problem that they face is showing their potential clients how their suit of software works together. 

The team at EDUstory opted to illustrate and animate this video using a technique called “Isometric 3D”. This gave us the ability to truly show how data, ideas and value flows in their ecosystem. It was also important that we use characters in the story, this allows us to easily reference back in time or in the future, with the narrative timely Oasis has, this was imperative. 

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